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Rafal Cebula - Internet Marketer
Rafal Cebula, Internet Marketer
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Get to know all about all about my journey to be an Entrepreneur. Learn how I started and maybe was in the same place as you are right now.



My Name Rafael Cebula (Rafal Cebula).  I’m an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.I live in London for about 1 year. Originally I come from Poland, so if you wandered where is my accent from, now you know.I’m a simple guy straight forward, who follow his dreams.


I started in online marketing in 2012. I joined some amazing people and bought some awesome products, but at this time my mind was all about Money, LACK of money. That was my problem at this time, I didn’t know then that is all about the RIGHT mindset and finding the right solution. So my journey went off track for some time, and I lost connection with my dream, maybe it happened to you as well. Then in 2015 I reconnected again, I realised that I can be surrounded by amazing people who inspire me to great things. 


I started to live the live of the marketer, I set Goals and achieved them, then bigger and bigger goals. Don’t afraid to follow your dreams and achieve your goals! “You are born rich” like Bob proctor is saying, so use this wealth, use this POWER! Don’t be afraid of failure, this happened to all of us, and from experience I can say One Thing, Failures will only make us stronger!

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow

I can accomplish what others can’t”

Jerry Rice

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